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Is Your Luxury Car Leaking Fluids? Here's How to Tell

Oil Stain
Owning a luxury car, like a BMW, Porsche, or another foreign marvel, is a novelty not many people experience. Of all cars on the market, only 18% of models purchased are considered of luxury making, which means the car you drive is unique in design and appeal.
What makes a luxury car, including imported models, so expensive and alluring is A) the number of vehicles in production (exclusivity), and B) Technological or performance enhancements that make car driving futuristic and comfortable. You want your luxury vehicle to last, and one way to do this is to make sure the engine is operating as it should.
If your car is leaking fluids, you should be concerned; fluids or oils dripping from your engine means some component is not operating as it should under the hood. Do not attempt to make any auto repairs yourself; rather, visit your specialty auto mechanic if you believe your car is leaking fluids. Use this guide to help you understand if fluids are leaking from your vehicle.
Stains in Your Garage/Driveway
The most obvious sign that your luxury car is leaking fluids is the evidence of liquid found in your driveway or garage floor where you normally park your car. Fluids vary in color depending on what is leaking - engine oil is a dark brown or black hue while antifreeze is green or blue in color, for example - but any wet spots found underneath your vehicle except for water are cause for concern.
Use an old, white rag to dab the discovered fluid so you can check its color. Report your findings to your specialty auto mechanic. Leaking fluids are a sign your vehicle needs immediate repairs.
Low Fluid Levels
You should not be putting antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil, or another type of liquid in your reservoirs on a daily basis. If you are, you are likely experiencing fluid loss via a leak in your car. Even if you don't see a pool of fluid under your vehicle doesn't mean you aren't dripping oil or liquid on the road when your car is in motion.
Your car's reservoirs should be checked by your specialty auto mechanic every time you take your car in for servicing (which is once or twice a year, depending on how many miles you put on your car annually). Discontinue driving your car if your fluid levels are very low, especially in your engine oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid.
Fluid Pressure Indicators
Your luxury car likely has an advanced fluid pressure indicator on your car's dash that alerts you when oil or other types of fluids are low. The indicators work via small sensors in your car that send a signal to activate warning signals when fluid levels or pressures are too low to be considered safe for your car.
You do not want to wait until you see an indicator light is on to tell you your car is in need of service, so pay attention to the fluid levels of your vehicle by checking reservoirs before long trips and watch your dash for emergency signs of engine distress.
Your car can leak fluids without you realizing it, especially if you rely on your specialty mechanic to keep a watchful eye on your luxury car for you. The best way to preserve your unique automobile for as long as you own it is to take care of its engine, which is primarily operated via lubrication.
Your car should only be inspected by an auto mechanic who understands the make and model of your vehicle. See our experts at Chris' Car Care to keep your luxury vehicle in pristine condition.

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